Online video appointments

ConnectMed now supports Online Video Appointments.
An online video appointment is a new service that involves your doctor or nurse doing a video appointment with you from afar, instead of you coming in to the practice to see them. 

You will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer that has a camera and microphone and is connected to the internet.
It is important to note that video appointments are not always appropriate, especially if you need any kind of physical examination (e.g. throat swab, blood pressure). It would be advisable to check with your medical practice before booking a video appointment for the first time. 
Please note: Standard consult fees apply. 
If your doctor is using online video appointments, at the time of booking your appointment you will have this option:
Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email confirmation. This will include a link to your doctor or nurse’s online waiting room and instructions on how to connect in. 
For full instructions on how to connect to your Doctor's online waiting room, please download this PDF