Lab Results

To see lab results in your ConnectMed profile there are two things you need to have:

Your practice needs to have this function switched on - not all practices use this function

You must have level 2 security on your account - see security levels

If both of these things are true for you then you can find out what you need to know about accessing results here-

It is important to know that Lab results will not appear on ConnectMed until they have been filed at the practice manually by your doctor.

After your doctor files the lab results at the practice it will then take a few hours for them to be available to you on ConnectMed.

To view your lab results, Log in to ConnectMed

Once logged in click on the ‘health record’ tab, then click ‘test results'




A list of your results should now appear with the date, test name and the comment made by your doctor

To view results, click on the blue ‘view’ button and the result details will appear in the window below the list.



Great you have now viewed your results!!