Why can’t I see my lab results?

  • Your practice needs to have this function switched on - not all practices use this function



  • It is important to know that Lab results will not appear on ConnectMed until they have been filed at the practice manually by your doctor.


  • After your doctor files the lab results at the practice it will then take a few hours for them to be available to you on ConnectMed.


  • If you have many results, only 20 will appear on the list at a time, to view more you need to click on next


  • Sometimes results don’t always appear directly at the top of the viewing window when you click view. If you click view and nothing appears, scroll down in the window to the bottom and they should be visible there


  • If you have read all of these tips yet are still not having any luck start a ticket with our support team including your name, date of birth, cell phone number and medical practice so we can investigate