Why can’t I book an appointment?

  • An appointment can’t be booked if you haven’t added your practice, you will need ensure you have done this before you book an appointment, you can find instructions on how to do this under adding my practice.


  • If your name, date of birth and mobile phone number don’t match the data that is held at your practice you will be unable to book an appointment. You can call your practice to check the details of your name and date of birth and mobile number or start a ticket to contact the ConnectMed support team to update them. If it is only your mobile number that is incorrect you can update this yourself by following the instructions on how to update my mobile number
  • If you are trying to book an appointment for a family member/child who is also enrolled at the same practice as you and you are unable to, this may be because the practice has not enabled the ability to do so. If you are unable to book an appointment on behalf of a family member or child please call your medical practice.
  • If you are trying to book an appointment for a family member/child who is enrolled at a different practice to yourself you may not be able to do this as many practices require the owner of the ConnectMed account to be enrolled and registered with them to book online. If you are trying to book online for a family member or child enrolled at a practice other than your own and you are unable to please call their medical practice