What information is available to me on ConnectMed?

ConnectMed is a patient portal that provides many services, these services are available for all practices to use but each practice chooses their own options.

Online appointment booking- book or cancel an appointment online

Virtual Consultancy- have virtual appointments with your doctor from home using video conferencing on your device

Prescription requests- order a prescription for your required medication

Lab results- access lab results after your doctor has reviewed and filed them at your practice

Immunisation- see a list of immunisations administered to you at the practice

Recalls- a list of medical procedures that you are asked to complete in future, for example blood pressure

Allergies- a list of allergies you have that are recorded on your medical record

Conditions- a list of conditions you have been diagnosed with on your medical record

Patient notes- your medical notes recorded on your file at the practice

Medications- a list of your long-term medications as recorded at the practice

Health goals- your own personal tracker online where you can record goals for yourself

Secure messaging- the ability to communicate securely with your practice