Request a prescription

  • It is important to know that you will only have access to this function if your practice has this function turned on (not all practices opt to have this function turned on)
  • It is also important to know that depending on your security level, online prescriptions are ordered a little differently to each other.
  • If you are security level one please follow the instructions below, if you are a security level two please see- request a repeat prescription
How  to request a prescription
Log in and go to the prescriptions tab on your ConnectMed account
From here choose the name of your doctor, how you would like your prescription delivered and whether the script is urgent or not.
Not all practices will have the option to choose urgency
If you opt for ‘fax to pharmacy’ in the delivery drop down field you will also be required to type the name of the pharmacy and their fax number in the fields provided
Once you have chosen and completed all of the correct options move to the medicine field and
start typing the name of the medication you would like, then click ‘add’
This will move the medication into the field below which is the list that will go to the medical practice, you can ‘add’ or ‘remove’ as many medications as you wish using the ‘add’ and ‘remove’ buttons
Once you have completed your list you can opt to write a comment for the practice or leave this space blank, and then click ‘next’
The ‘next’ screen gives you a summary of the information that will be sent to your practice and the amount that you will owe to the practice for ordering the script. If the information you see is correct click ‘send’
After clicking ‘send’ your script will be successfully sent to your medical practice, and you will be taken to your prescription screen. You can return here any time to check on the details of past prescriptions you have order online
 You have now successfully ordered your script online!