How to book an appointment online

Make sure you have created an account first and go ahead and login.

To book an appointment online you can search for the name of your medical practice or click on the link from your medical practices website.

Find your doctor in the list and browse through the available appointments (ConnectMed only shows available appointments).

Click on the time slot that you want to book:

In case you are not logged in yet, you may be prompted to login.

The next screen will give you some choices to make:

  1. You can book as yourself or if you are booking for a family member you can choose this option and enter their name in the boxes.
  2. You can enter a reason for your visit, although this is completely optional.


Please take a moment to check that the appointment day and time are correct.

When you are ready to book the appointment click the 'Book Appointment >>' button.

It can take up to 2 minutes to complete the booking but in most cases it should take 20-30 seconds.


After this you will see a confirmation message to confirm if the appointment has been booked successfully:


That's it - you're finished!