How to cancel an appointment

To cancel an existing appointment (only appointments that have been booked online), you must first login to your ConnectMed account and then go to your patient portal.

In the top right corner, click on your name - Your Account:


Next, click on Appointments:


Next, click on the Upcoming Appointments button:


The next screen will show a list of all the upcoming appointments. To cancel an appointment click the 'Cancel Appointment' button next to the one you want to cancel:


In the same way that it can take up to 2 minutes to book an appointment, the same applies to cancelling an appointment. Please wait while the appointment cancellation completes:


Once done, the appointment will be removed from your list and you will get an email confirmation.

Note: Some practices have a limit on how close to the appointment time you can cancel so for example if you are trying to cancel an appointment that is due in under an hour, you may get a message saying that you cannot cancel the appointment.